Saturday, September 27, 2008

110. Peaberry & Pretzel

I have long heard of P&P and have been wanting to visit it. Even though it is quite near my house, I have not been there before. After the lunch affair at Bistro Petit Salut, my makan kaki and I were already on the bus, ready to proceed back home. Our bus happened to be passing by this place so at the very last minute, we hopped off the bus. On this sweltering weather, I suggested to my makan kaki that we have a cuppa of iced coffee at P&P before we make our way home.
It is quite small in the air-conditioned seating. They have nice cushioned chairs outdoor. I think it makes a good chill out place on weekends.
I was instantly attracted to the cakes in the cabinet when I entered P&P. They looked so delicious. But my stomach didn't have room for them. Still full from lunch at Bistro Petit Salut.

Souffle @$13
Their souffle was the lauded item. So, I ordered one with rum between the choice of rum and chocolate. It was good. Must-try! The souffle wasn't too sweet and the rum covered the pungent smell of the egg white. It simply melts in your mouth. Served with a shot of melted vanilla ice-cream and a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the strawberry macaron. The vanilla ice-cream was made from real vanilla pods. Rich in taste. I like the macaron. Though it wasn't as good as the ones my friend bought all the way from Europe, it was a consolation that with technology, we get to enjoy nice food learnt from places around the world.

Ice version coffee - mocha @$5 +$1.50

An addition of $1.50 for the ice version. Ice cubes were added. Such ice version was very popular in korea. The koreans like to have ice version coffee whereby they have coffee with ice cubes.

I had the decaffeinated mocha (swiss water method) @$5 which was with no extra cost. It was nice to see my cuppa of mocha infused with such nice coffee art. Their mocha was very aromatic and smooth to the throat. But I couldn't really make out the difference between the decaffeinated and caffeine mocha or coffee.

One reason I wanted to visit P&P was because of their specially created premium Peaberry coffee blend which I had read from their website. Peaberries are coffee beans that are grown alone in a single cherry. This aroused my curiousity.

No service charge at P&P, all food are of nett prices and GST chargeable. I have realised a few good eating places next door and will be returning soon to try out. Haha....

Peaberry & Pretzel

106 Clementi Street 12

#01-52 Singapore 120106

Tel: 6777 3477

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  1. very nice, i also been wanting to try p&p for a while now. and its so near my place man.

    u didn't try any of their cakes? heard its quite good. the souffle is kind of expensive though.