Sunday, November 2, 2008

157. Korean Festival 2008 II - korean cuisine

Japchae - Noodles stirred fried with vegetables. I still remembered when I was pretty intrigued by this word in my korean class because it was pretty similar to our Chinese pronunciation of the dish - mixed vegetables. Indeed, it was similar to our Chinese dish. Also with the glass vermicelli.

Food eaten in Summer

Food eaten in Autumn

Food eaten in Spring

The pan-fried cakes with azaleas instantly caught my eyes when I reached this table. The pink flower symbolised the blossom of spring. Being embedded onto the cake dough was such a pleasing sight to the eyes. So pretty. If you have been watching travel documentaries, this snack is always present at the carnivals, festivals and etc. Because, they are so easy to make and the myraid of colours of the petals is a big attraction to children and even the adults.
Food eaten in Winter

I think winter is the time whereby all the preserved veggies and meat are laid out on the dish. To fight against the cold and harsh weather, high intake of calories is a norm to keep the body warm. But if I am to live the korean way, the thought of all the food mixed with chilli paste, I'll probably get tired of them the second day.

9 dfferent types of kimchi. They were real food on display because there was a strong scent of vinegar in the air. Kimchi is an everyday dish in korean cuisine. They stated that kimchi has high level of antioxidants, anti-cancer, nutritious minerals and etc, making it widely known as a healthy food. I wasn't too convinced on this though.
I felt the everyday consumption of kimchi, a very high intake of vinegar, chilli and all the fermented miso paste is detrimental to the healthy walls of our gastric. Korea is placed as the country with the highest number of gastric cancer patients. I felt the kimchi played a part in this.


  1. You are right about kimchi being bad for the gastric walls. The last time I had korean food, my gastric lasted the whole afternoon and night and I had a wedding dinner to attend that night.

    It's probably my fault though as I love kimchi and vinegar so have a tendency to OD on it during korean meals. Hence I always end up with a bloated belly, but this was the first time my gastric acted up so severely.

  2. Hi Alicia! If you have gastric problems, it is wise not to take too much kimchi. :D