Friday, March 27, 2009

239. Pizza Hut

Soup of the day- Chicken soup
Oriental Chicken Baked Rice

Wanted to go budget on lunch so I got it settled at Pizza Hut. Student meal. A choice of main, soup and free-flow pepsi at $5.90, subjected to GST. Ordered the Oriental chicken baked rice. I remembered my previous visit, a friend ordered baked rice and we waited for at least 30 mins before she finally got her baked rice. Of course, she was famished by that time. Surprisingly, today, my baked rice came pretty fast. They delivered the baked rice as promised, 7-15 mins.
The oriental chicken baked rice consisted of chunks of tomatoes and chicken. Sauce was tomato and it was spicy. I felt the spiciness was a tad too much and I wouldn't recommend it for kids. Luckily, the pepsi was free-flow. Pizza Hut has always served food which are very well-flavoured. Of course, no denial, with the help of MSG. One thing to note, I felt Pizza Hut has improved on the quantity of the food and of course on the price with the great deals. Student meals, 1 for 1 and etc. My lunch cost $7 which I felt was pretty worthwhile.

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