Monday, June 29, 2009

284. Al Azhar Eating Restaurant

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This chain of restaurants along Cheong Chin Nam road, most of them operate on 24-hrs. One of which, Al-Azhar. I have been there many times but this is the first time I blogged an entry on it. I'm awed by their management. The waiters used PDAs! The occupancy of tables was also system controlled. One glance at the LCD, you will know where the available tables are. So cool, I thought. Business must have been too good for them.
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Lychee drink @$1.50
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Teh @$1.50
I think it's teh ka dai (more sugar). I preferred my teh siu dai (less sugar).
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Masala @$6
Very shiok! Spicy and mild sourness. Eat it with naan and it's mama-mia!
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Tissue Prata (chocolate) @$3
I simply loved the hershey chocolate syrup with the tissue prata. Some days I would go for tissue prata because they are not greasy like the normal prata. And.....they satisfied my sweet cravings.
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Pattaya @$4
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Al-Azhar has an extensive menu - choose from Western, Indian to Malay foods. I think it is a good choice for supper for the area is a night bustling food hunting ground. Food was decent but don't except quality food. I felt they are more of comfort food which don't cost much.

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Al-Azhar Eating Restaurant
11/11A Cheong Chin Nam Road
Tel: 6466 5052

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